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Career Counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational and life decisions. Selecting the right career is very important as career spans one’s adult life and defines an individual, the kind of lifestyle one has, the people one interacts with. In short one’s career has an impact on the quality of one’s life. Applying for higher education abroad is a critical decision, both financially and emotionally. Therefore, it is mandatory to invest adequate time and effort in order to make the right career decision.

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    If You Are Confused About Your Career

    We at Worldwin, guide you through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile and parameters ensuring you choose the best Career Path. Worldwin has professional and experienced counselors that provide help to identify the professional goals, enable the student to make a wiser academic decision, and give personal guidance to help choose courses that perfectly fit your career or personal goals.

    We also host direct interviews from university representatives & give comprehensive & unbiased information on various study options. Over 90% of our students are references from our past-students.

    The goal of Worldwin through career counseling is to not only help you make the decisions you need to make now, but also to give you the knowledge and skills you need in order to make future career and life decisions.

    Most Importantly We Do Not Make Any False Promises, 'What We Promise, We Deliver'

    To assist students to select a career scientifically, Worldwin has created the Academic Pathway Planning Program.

    Academic Pathway Planning

    The world is filled with various career choices ranging from medicine to mass communication, engineering to event management, marine biology to information technology. To select the right career from the various options available today, has become a daunting and challenging process. A large number of students continue to choose a career based merely on the fact that their friends are doing the same thing or because their parents told them to do so. This, however, may not be the best way to go about it.

    We at Worldwin understand the dilemma of the students while choosing the pathways for higher education. To cater to such needs Worldwin conducts a vocational guidance program called Academic Pathway Planning.

    Academic Pathway Planning Involves Assessment In 3 Areas:

    ◉ Aptitude: We assess different abilities which helps identify fields one will excel in

    ◉ Interest: Helps us identify the kind of activities and work one would like to do

    ◉ Personality: It involves multidimensional personality assessment that helps understand who one truly is, one’s character traits, qualities and shortcomings.

    Understanding These Internal Factors Is Very Important And Helps At The Following Stages

    ◉ Subject selection

    ◉ Curriculum selection

    ◉ Stream selection

    ◉ Bachelors degree selection

    ◉ Masters degree selection

    ◉ Career change/shift



    A comprehensive 15+ page report provides:

    ◉ An explanation of the report and how to use it.

    ◉ Graphic scores of the aptitude, interest and personality tests.

    ◉ An overview narrative report and summary of the results.

    ◉ A telephonic consultation with a certified psychologist with a prior appointment.

    ◉ The results are not a benchmark but an indicator which gives you a platform to work on.

    ◉ Study / Work options in India and overseas.

    The world is an open door. There is a variety of international opportunities for college students. Potential employers see international experience as a qualification in hiring college graduates. Job opportunity, diverse campus experience, peer learning and overall development are the other prime driving forces.The most popular and sought after courses among Indian students are that of business. Jobs in renewable energy have been trending as well. MBA has been a hot field for quite some time; and there are valid reasons for that. Most students look for a major that will help them develop their managerial skills and focus. Graduates with Computer Science Engineering degree and excellent skills on software development, cloud computing, programming and coding are valued everywhere.

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      Acoustical Engineering:

      A branch of engineering that deals with sound and vibration is called acoustic engineering, commonly known as acoustic engineering. It also covers the use of acoustics, the study of sound and vibration, in technological applications. The design, analysis, and control of sound are often the areas of interest for acoustic engineers. Noise control, sometimes referred to as noise reduction, is one objective of acoustical engineering. Unwanted noise may harm human and animal health and wellbeing significantly, lower student achievement in the classroom, and lead to hearing loss. Many different methods are used to incorporate noise management concepts into technology and design, such as altering sound sources, creating noise barriers, sound absorbers, suppressors, and buffer zones, and using hearing protection (earmuffs or headphones). In this auditorium, transparent baffles were placed to enhance sound projection and reproduction, two crucial acoustical engineering components.

      Acoustical engineering also deals with the constructive applications of sound, such as the use of ultrasound in medicine, the programming of digital synthesizers, the design of concert halls to improve orchestral sound, and the specification of railway station sound systems to ensure announcements are understandable.

      Aeronautical engineering/Aerospace Engineering:

      Originally known as “Aeronautical engineering,” the word was changed to “Aerospace engineering” as a result of technological advancements that included spacecraft launch. Engineering courses cover it. It is the most difficult and demanding area in engineering. The primary emphasis of aerospace engineering is the design, development, building, testing, and maintenance of commercial, military, and spacecraft. An “Aerospace Engineer” is someone who has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and specializes in that field.

      Aerospace engineers have a plethora of employment options.

      Both the public and commercial sectors are open to employment for aerospace engineers.

      Aerospace engineers might find employment both domestically and overseas.

      In essence, an aerospace engineer builds, tests, investigates, and maintains the functionality of military and civilian aircraft, rockets, missiles, weapons systems, satellites, etc.The Air Force, Airlines, Corporate Research Companies, Helicopter Companies, Defense Ministry, Aviation Companies, NASA, Flying clubs, Aeronautical Laboratories, Aircraft Manufacturers, Government Owned Air Services, and many others are major employers of aerospace engineers. Candidates with a master’s degree in aerospace engineering are also eligible for teaching positions.

      Aeronautical engineering/Aerospace Engineering:

      New age courses draw upon new courses and the industry which gives you both the theoretical and pratical experience in your chosen profession that you need for excellent job prospects. This flexibility allows you to take more control over what and how much you know. These courses are in wide variety. There are many institutes that offer new courses. All courses are fully designed in such a way that the students pursuing their course will come to deal with new realities and experiences and it is important for students to analyse their interest and the options available to them. Following are the list of new age course :

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        Design and architecture

        1. A good design will enhance your appearance:

         Really, it’s fairly straightforward: a decent design will help you seem nice and distinguish yourself from the competitors. It enables you to provide a good first impression on prospective clients. Humans have been proven to develop an initial impression in just a few seconds, but after that view has been formed, it can take much longer to change it. Your customers will have a favorable perception of your business, product, or brand if your graphic designs are expertly created and appealing to the eye.

        2. It gives you a unique edge:

        There is a lot of rivalry in the business world nowadays, so you need to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. You may distinguish yourself in a good way with a stunning graphic design. Spend some time and money on an excellent graphic design if you want to stand out to your clients and affect their purchasing decisions. People naturally want to be associated with things that are appealing to the eye and give them a positive feeling. Your business will have a better chance of distinguishing out in your clients’ eyes if you invest in quality graphic design.


        As mentioned before, graphic design may significantly influence how people make decisions. Customers will have a higher level of confidence in a firm that has invested time and money in a stunning visual design. Any firm may prosper with the aid of perception and presentation. Your appearance is one illustration of this. Putting money into quality graphic design can enable you to showcase yourself in the best light.

        4. Using graphic design, your ideas are distilled in a way that resonates.

        Consider how you want to be seen by your clients. Your ideas will be succinctly presented in an engaging visual style that will draw customers. Many clients won’t spend the time reading a text that is attempting to convince them to use your service or buy your goods, but if a picture is visually appealing, they will frequently be eager to do so. Every graphic design picture you use for your business must be uniform. This will increase credibility and make it simpler for others to recognize your brand. Excellent graphic design gives you and your clients the consistency you need.

        Design and architecture

        Digital Media and marketing:

        Any form of marketing that can be measured by marketing experts across the consumer journey and that leverages electronic devices to deliver promotional content. Digital marketing is most commonly used to describe advertising efforts that run on a computer, phone, tablet, or other electronic device. Online video, display advertisements, search engine marketing, paid social ads, and social media postings are just a few examples of the various formats it may take. Digital marketing is frequently contrasted with “traditional marketing” methods like direct mail, billboards, and magazine advertisements. Oddly, conventional marketing is sometimes grouped with television.

        Digital marketing should be one of the key objectives of practically every business’s entire marketing plan. Never before has there been a method to keep in such regular contact with your clients, and nothing else gives the kind of personalization that digital data can deliver. You’ll be able to achieve your company’s growth potential to a greater extent as you embrace the possibility of digital marketing.